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MI SOS Issues Roadmap


My first priority will be to ensure the integrity of our voting system so that every eligible voter can cast their ballot and every cast ballot is counted correctly. 

In democracy, your vote is your voice. Our democratic system suffers when your vote is unverifiable, suppressed or miscounted. This will help to identify, quantify and address every knowable weakness and vulnerability.


The SOS relationship with drivers/vehicle owners is extremely important, as it touches nearly every resident, either directly or indirectly.

Indeed, we benefit from some of the most innovative practices in the country, including online payment, electronic queuing and even text updates that allow the user to take care of other business instead of waiting in line.

I will expand our application of technology and bring all branches up to the highest standard.

I will also pursue implementation of drivers licenses, vehicle registrations and insurance verifications via smart phone. Innovating for the future will be our trademark.


Compliance with the REAL ID Act will be required to board a plane or enter certain facilities by October 2020. This means that anyone not holding a REAL ID-compliant drivers licence would have to present alternate means to verify identity.

I will ensure that the opt-out option is available for those who want it. 


I will not request any increase in budget for the present responsibilities of the SOS. Maintaining and improving service will be accomplished through refinement, technology and efficiency.


I have the experience and track record of success to deliver on all of my objectives. From leading Biometrics for the Department of Defense to performing the duties of the Comptroller of the Navy with a $142B+ budget, to setting up organizations to training government executives -- I know how to get it done.

"No Wait guarantees" are not realistic and imply things that cannot be delivered. What would such a guarantee mean? A refund? Likewise, extending drivers licenses and multi-year billing are not the answer if the system is not working properly. Visions of outcomes are incomplete without a sense of how they can be achieved. 

My objectives are not long-shot promises. I will never mislead and I will actually deliver on the goals we set.

The Big Promise is that working together, with an orientation toward completion, I believe we will surprise even ourselves with what we can achieve through the SOS. 

Together, we will make Michigan Great Again!


Committee to Elect Joseph Guzman
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