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     I have the experience and track record of success to deliver on all of my objectives. From leading Biometrics for the Department of Defense to performing the duties of the Comptroller of the Navy with a $142B+ budget, to setting up organizations to training government executives -- I know how to get it done.

"No Wait guarantees" are not realistic and imply things that cannot be delivered. What would such a guarantee mean? A refund? Likewise, extending drivers licenses and multi-year billing are not the answer if the system is not working properly. Visions of outcomes are incomplete without a sense of how they can be achieved. 

My objectives are not long-shot promises. I will never mislead and I will actually deliver on the goals we set.

The Big Promise is that working together, with an orientation toward completion, I believe we will surprise even ourselves with what we can achieve through the SOS. 

Joseph Guzman for MI SOS, PO Box 126, Okemos Michigan
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